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 Конструкция насоса FGK

1 - Flexible coupling
The flexible coupling with elastic joint allows neat and fast coupling and disassembling of the electric motor (IEC compliant) from the support while flanges with tolerances down to 1/10 of mm eliminate the need of any mechanical adjustment.

2 - Bearing support
The extremely compact vertical dimension of the support that hosts bearing and flexible joint simplifies and improves the deployment of the pump on tanks and plants, lowers the barycentre referred to the base plate, increases stability and minimises the oscillation whenever the frame to sustain the base plate of the pump is not adequately rigid.

3 - Base plate
Solid base in thermoplastic material or thermoplastic + metal for heaviest pumps.

4 - Push in quick release fitting
Push in quick release fitting to feed the “fluid barrier”.

5 - Vapour seal system
VR - Static and dynamic (Standard). By an elastomeric ring operating dry contains pressure of 60 mbar in static and dynamic conditions.

VL - (Optional). By addition of a dynamic deflector counter pressures up to approximately 100 mbar .

VF - (Optional). Fluid barrier features a true active barrier to gas or vapours by mean of low pressure laminar flow of air fed from an external source.

VM - (Optional). Single mechanical seal lubricated with the pumped liquid.

6 - Column and discharge pipe
All wetted parts are made of plastic materials and the shaft is completely protected with a sleeve. In the version G the column and the delivery pipe are sheathed with polyester reinforced with glass fibres.

7 - Pump shaft
Pump shaft in steel covered with thermoplastic sheath.

8 - Guide bushings
Guide bushings with two different combinations of materials.
N - Glass fibres reinforced PTFE (GFR/ PTFE) on Ceramic alumina for generic applications.
X - Silicium carbide on Silicium carbide for liquids laden with high quantity of solids and / or abrasive particles in suspension.

10 - Cartridge diaphragm
Easy to replace Cartridge diaphragm guide bushing.

11 - Positioning of the casing
The pump casing is locked by a loose ring-nut. In case of replacement of the volute casing this floating locknut, allows simple and easy alignment o to the discharge pipe even after several years of operations. Thanks to this design the casing is locked without vulnerable bolts and nuts.

12 - Pump casing with radial volute
The single stage pump volute casings are injection moulded, ribbed and with uniform and deep wall thickness. The polymers are reinforced for the best dimensional stability and mechanical resistance.

14 - Flushing line for guide bushings
Optional connection for the external flushing of the guide bushing with clean water when slurries are pumped.

15 - Bottom filter
A new bottom filter with 3 mm passages is available as integral component of the pump.