Химические насосы FMR с магнитным приводом

Fluimac FMR pumps are centrifugal, horizontal axis, close-coupled lypes, the Podies are entirely built with reinforced thermoplastic polymers and materials for internal components are: ceramic oxides, HD carbon, fluorinated elastomers; this means that any contact of metallic parts with the pumped fluid is avoided,

Principle of operation

The impeller subjected to different hydraulic load is free to move axially,

Two rings which are limit devices of its excursion fix the work-space it engages during the standard operation. in case of anomalies due to pressure loss as dry running, the extra magnetic field (always active) contrasting the axial pushes, calls back the impeller in the neutral position.

This distinctive automatism precisely prevents the contact with the rings (limiting devices) and consequently avoids frictions and heat increase, The shape of the magnets and the orientation of the fields are the key that shows the desired action.